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Nano Hive Engine


We call this the Nano Hive and it is our first Alpha style engine.

Stirling engines come in 3 main variations: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The differences between these 3 are due to the different layouts of the pistons. All 3 types have a power piston and a displacer piston, the displacer piston moves air between the cold and hot sides of the engine, as the air expands this applies pressure to the power piston, therefore driving the engine. The Gamma style engines have the pistons offset and are typically in parallel to each other, an example of a gamma engine is our now famous KS90 engine. In a Beta style engine the pistons are on the same axis and typically have a shaft going through the power piston. On this style engine the mechanical linkages are a little more complex, but the air flow is more straightforward. An example of a Beta engine is our Nano Rhombic.

With an Alpha style engine, rather than air flowing around the displacer piston, the air is pushed towards the power piston, usually via a pipe. In this style of engine the 2 pistons tend to be similar in size. Alpha Stirling engines have the advantage of being easier to scale when used in industrial applications.

Our Nano Hive engine gets its name from the honeycomb design that encases the glass cylinder. As with all our Nano range the Nano Hive runs off Methylated spirits (denatured alcohol).

Design features:

Engine size 83mm x 50mm x 115mm (3.2in x 1.9in x 4.5in)
RPM 1600 - 2000rpm
Weight 235g / 0.51 lb
Piston Diameter 9.5mm
Engine type Alpha engine
Stroke length 9 mm
Crank Design Simple 90 degree
Working temperature About 200C / 390F
Bearings Precision miniature ball race bearings
Materials Mainly glass, brass, stainless steel, aluminium
Finish Brass, anodised grey aluminium
Fuel Denatured alcohol (methylated spirits)
Assembly Preassembled
Required tools None
Manufacture Almost all parts CNC machined

Price: £145.00 in

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