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Nano Gear Engine

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This is our first Stirling engine with gears. Part of the nano engine family, rather than having a crank or ross yoke arrangement to connect the pistons this engine has gears. Using gears provides some interesting advantages. Firstly it allows the con-rods to remain fairly parallel which in turn reduces friction. The gears also act as a second flywheel smoothing the running of the engine. Gamma Stirling engines are naturally unbalanced as they have 2 different sized pistons that are not in phase. Adding two relatively large masses (the gears) as a dead weight has improved the vibration characteristics.

Overall this engine is compact, blisteringly fast with an interesting gear arrangement.

As with all the nano range it comes with a special burner, you just light the burner, let the engine heat up and then give the flywheel a small flick to start. The engine has borosilicate glass cylinders which can withstand high temperatures enabling you to glimpse inside the engine.

A low-friction graphite piston was utilised which is self-lubricating and requires no maintenance. A brass heat sink disperses heat from the cold side, while the rest of the engine is made from anodized aluminium.

This beautiful engine will run at over 2000 rpm on a tiny methylated spirit flame.

Design features:

  • Engine size: 83mm x 50mm x 115mm (3.2in x 1.9in x 4.5in)
  • Typical RPM: 1600 - 2000rpm
  • Weight: 126g / 0.27 lb
  • Piston Diameter: 9.5mm
  • Type of Stirling engine: Gamma engine
  • Stroke length: 9 mm
  • Crank design: Gear mechanism
  • Working temperature: About 200C / 390F
  • Bearings: Precision miniature ball race bearings
  • Materials: Brass, graphite, borosilicate glass, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Finish: Brass,anodised gamma grey aluminum
  • Fuel: Denatured alcohol (methylated spirits)
  • Assembly: Preassembled
  • Required tools: None. Screwdriver supplied
  • Manufacture: Almost all parts CNC machined
  • Testing: Each engine tested before dispatch
  • Designed & Made in: England

Price: £109.99 in

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