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Vulcan Stove Fan

This beautiful Stove Fan will sit on top of your wood or coal stove and gently and efficiently circulate warm air around the room.

A gentle circulation of warm air will help to increase efficiency, by reducing the need to stoke up your stove to blazing hot to warm the cooler parts of your room.

The Stirling Engine in this device is remarkably efficient, and will operate on a stove as cool as 150°C.

We have carefully designed and refined this engine to be as maintenance-free as possible.

Design features:

  • Borosilicate glass cylinder and pure graphite piston
  • High temperature Viton O ring seals
  • Oiled and shield stainless steel ball race bearings
  • 100% mechanical, no electricity needed
  • No fragile electronics
  • Works entirely from the heat from the stove
  • Safe, economical operation,┬ázero running costs
  • Very low maintenance
  • Operates on almost all stoves. From 150°C (300F) to 450°C (840 F)
  • Precision engineered and hand built in England
  • Overall height: 30.7cm (12.25 inches)
  • Overall width: 25.4cm (10 inches)
  • Base dimensions: 15.4cm X 7.7cm (6 x 3 inches)
  • Fan diameter: 25.4cm (10 inches)
  • Material: stainless steel, aluminum, brass
  • Color: Black, stainless, aluminum, brass

The fan will spin at about 200rpm at 200°C, increasing to about 350 rpm at 450°C

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