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KT09 Thermoacoustic single

Engine details:

  • 9.5mm diameter graphite piston
  • 116mm long borosilicate glass tube
  • 32mm diameter brass & aluminium flywheel
  • Solid aluminium base plate

This engine operates from a tiny methylated spirits (denatured alcohol) flame, optimum running speed is 2700rpm when warmed up fully. As far as we know this is the fastest thermo-acoustic engine available. 

The thermo-acoustic engine is known by several names, including resonant engine, lag engine and lamina flow engine. This engine, with its transparent main tube, beautifully and elegantly demonstrates the principles behind such engines.

The engine is supplied in self-assembly kit form. Kit includes FULL and DETAILED assembly, operation and maintenance instructions on CDROM. 

some tools are provided in the kit, but you will need to supply a small crosspoint screwdriver, a pencil and a ruler.

Assembly should take any competent person no more than 30 minutes, some manual dexterity is required but as long as you can hold a screwdriver you should be OK.

Price: £82.00 in

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